The city builder where you build on a giant animal’s back has a release date

Zürich-based developer Stray Fawn Studio is making The Wandering Village, a city builder in which you cross a toxic wasteland on the back of a humongous creature called Onbu. As well as managing your settlement on this friendly kaiju dinosaur beast, you have to manage your relationship with Onbu, which may be a peaceful, symbiotic coexistence or something more parasitic and fractious. It’ll be entering early access on September 14.

The trailer shows a village of berry-pickers and wood-choppers right out of Age of Empires’ early game, growing as farms and towers are constructed, then dealing with a spore infestation by going at it with flamethrowers. The 2D villagers are easy to pick out of the 3D trees and crops, an interesting use of quite different art styles.

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