God of War Ragnarok x Rick and Morty Ad Prepares Players for Battle

If the God of War Ragnarok hype train wasn’t already choo-chooing along fast enough, Adult Swim is ramping things up with a Rick and Morty x PlayStation crossover. In a short video, Rick shaves his head, puts on red face paint, and takes Morty to the Nine Realms.

GoW Ragnarok Rick and Morty video ad

In the 48-second ad, Rick convinces/forces Morty to go on another adventure. Morty is the parallel of Atreus, with his bow and arrow, while Rick makes himself into Kratos by shaving his head and painting himself with a red stripe.

After traveling to the Nine Realms via a green portal, Rick opens a chest (without destroying any seals, mind!) while Morty tries and fails to fight off ravens.

Upon opening the chest, Rick reveals the Leviathan Axe, one of Kratos’ signature weapons. Rick teases that “other unannounced upgrades” are also in the chest, but we don’t get to see what they are.

At a time when games like Fortnite and PUBG are combining forces with the likes of Marvel and DC (and sometimes both simultaneously!), crossovers like this aren’t so surprising.

In other PlayStation news, The Division Heartland leak has revealed screenshots and more details about the 45-player PvEvP mode. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford wants you to buy his ugly shirts for “charity.” Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 Remake images have seemingly leaked.

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