This collection of old game logos delights the primordial lizard parts of my dumb brain

As both I and the world get older, I’m increasingly desperate for scraps of anything to remind me of more hopeful times—cue Game+Logo (opens in new tab), a Twitter account that manages to tickle my brain by tweeting out jpegs of logos from old developers, publishers, and games.

The account is curated by independent developer Dan Clarke (opens in new tab), and presents logos from all eras and genres of gaming, from 90s graphics card manufacturers to modern-day JRPG devs. Perhaps there’s something to be interrogated about a life lived in the belly of consumerism, seeing a logo for a product I enjoyed 15 years ago and hooting at my screen in glee, but I just don’t care at this point—seeing these pop up in my Twitter feed is just nice. Here’s a small sampling of some of my favorites from Game+Logo’s less than a month online.

Origin Systems

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