Freeride is an action-RPG that’s also a secret personality test

Freeride (opens in new tab) is an action-RPG that is also a personality test: Unleashed on a strange world filled with spirits, you’ll use physics-based telekinesis to help people, solve puzzles, or do whatever you want, with no judgment at all. Consequences, though, that’s a different matter.

The idea of Freeride is that it’s basically a Paragon/Renegade simulator that never stops. You can do whatever you like in the game, helping, hindering, or just hassling anyone and everyone you meet as you follow a branching narrative through a strange fantasy realm. Unlike most RPGs, there is no good or evil, but a tally is kept. Characters in the game will treat you differently depending on the “conscious and unconscious” choices you make, and some parts of the game will only be seen by players with certain personality types—or, at least, those who do certain actions within the game.

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