Microsoft’s Lead Kinect and HoloLens Developer Leaves the Company After Abuse Allegations

Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s lead for and inventor of both Kinect and the AR headset HoloLens, has resigned from the company, according to Insider. This comes following Insider’s initial report detailing allegations of abuse against female employees.

Despite his resignation, he is planning on staying with the company through the transition period as executive VP of the cloud and AI group Scott Gurthrie plans a “reorganization”.

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After the allegations were made public, Guthrie sent out an email saying Kipman would be leaving to “pursue other opportunities.” No mention of the allegations were mentioned.

According to Insider, the email also mentioned Kipman’s commitment “to helping the teams with the transition process over the next two months and ensuring success before pursuing what is next for him.”

The allegations against him come from both current and former employees, and include watching “a lewd VR video in the office in front of employees,” as well as other inappropriate behavior toward women. Managers reportedly even went so far as to warn that women should not be alone with him.

Microsoft has declined to confirm or deny the allegations against Kipman to Insider. It isn’t the only trouble Microsoft is currently facing. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is being investigated for insider trading, while Activision Blizzard has also been in the news for its “frat boy culture” and allegations of sexual harrassment.

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