Pokémon Go passes $6 billion in lifetime player spending

Pokémon GO launched back in July of 2016, making it nearly 6 years since the game took the world by storm. While many have moved on since then, there’s still millions upon millions of people playing Pokémon GO, and they’re helping Niantic and Pokémon Co. rake in billions.

Analyst firm Sensor Tower has been crunching the numbers on Pokémon GO, and according to their data, the game has managed to surpass $6 billion in global lifetime player spending. This means the game has averaged roughly $1 billion per year since its launch.

Just last year, Pokémon GO was the seventh-best revenue generating mobile title worldwide, pulling in $1.3 billion. In Q1 2022, the title ranked as the eleventh top-grossing mobile game worldwide, making $198.2 million. That said, during the same quarter, player spending was down by close to 45% year-over-year.

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