E3 2022: what to expect from the summer showcases

Official E3 is cancelled for 2022, and it sure feels like it could be dead for real this time (although they say it’ll come back). Either way, the E3 schedule lives on in spirit as major publishers host their own independent livestreams. 

Alongside them are group events like the Summer Game Fest and our own PC Gaming Show bringing even more announcements. There are still plenty of upcoming games this year to look forward to and we’ll be getting to see a lot of them this summer.

‘E3’ 2022 schedule: livestreams to watch

(Image credit: bethesda)

So far, the ‘E3 schedule’ for 2022 looks like it will be a lot more manageable than the last couple years. In 2020 and 2021 events were spread out, making it tough to keep track of when to tune into the games and publishers you were actually interested in week-by-week. So far for the 2022 schedule, early June is the time to watch. 

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