They’re doing a Lego kit of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order droid BD-1

Right, so you know the little robot that rides on your shoulder like a parrot in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (opens in new tab)? They’re doing a big ol’ Lego kit of it. It’s pretty big! It stands “over 12.5 in. (31 cm) tall,” which, and this is hilarious and I cannot make it up, the Lego website says makes a “Fun centerpiece for any room.”

Either way, it’s cute, with posable joints and a head that tilts about. There’s also a transparent bit on the back of its head, which BD-1 uses to signal its emotions—like green for happy, or red for when you’re running out of health.

True to its real job in the game, which is healing Cal when he’s hurt, the BD-1 Lego kit has a compartment for a stim canister. Probably can’t climb up ziplines, though. Probably.

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