Fan gives the Game Boy Advance SP a cardboard makeover

To this day, many Nintendo fans say the GBA SP is one of Nintendo’s finest pieces of hardware, if not *the *finest. The topic is up for debate, but we can all agree that it’s one fine-looking system. There’s hardly anything worth changing about the portable…unless you’re Peter Knetter.

Peter came up with a crazy idea to take the GBA SP and give it a cardboard makeover. We’re not talking about a cardboard mock-up or tribute to the GBA SP, but a functional GBA SP made out of cardboard. Of course, the innards would stay the same as the GBA SP, but the case and all of its functional pieces would be swapped out for cardboard.

Believe it or not, Peter actually got the project to work. You can see the entire process and all of its missteps in the video below.

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