You can customize your Sims’ pronouns now

With same-sex relationships a possibility since the first game in the series back in 2000, The Sims spearheaded queer representation in gaming. It’s not always been perfect, with same-sex couples restricted to “joined unions” rather than marriages in The Sims 2 for instance, but it’s been there. One area where it was still lacking in terms of representation is gender, with default pronouns applied based on players’ chosen body type. That’s changed as of an update (opens in new tab) adding customizable pronouns to The Sims 4.

With this update, a brand new or existing Sim can use the Create a Sim menu to choose They/Them from the Change Pronouns dropdown, or go into Custom Pronouns and set separate options for subjective, objective, reflexive, possessive dependent, and possessive independent pronouns. It seems like a pretty robust set of possibilities, and was designed with consultation from GLAAD and the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit organization that The Sims partnered with in 2019.

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