I regret to inform you Ni No Kuni’s cute new MMO has blockchain crap up its sleeve

We quite liked Ni No Kuni 2 when we reviewed it back in 2018, calling it “an ambitious, beautiful JRPG that keeps on giving.” Instead of following it up with another big budget console game, developer Level-5 took a different approach, releasing a mobile MMO titled Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds in 2021. Apparently it was a smash hit last June, raking in $101 million in just 11 days despite being available in only a few countries. That almost certainly makes Cross Worlds the most lucrative game in the series.

A year later, Cross Worlds is now available in English on PC and mobile, putting it in front of a much larger audience. And it’s quite a looker, though early impressions indicate there’s not as much to its combat as you’ll find in comparable mobile/PC MMO Genshin Impact. Unfortunately publisher Netmarble also has a whole bunch of plans around NFTs and the blockchain that seem like they’ll inevitably clog up Ni No Kuni with gross microtransactions.

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