Vampire survival game V Rising is out now

Swedish developer Stunlock Studios was the team behind arena brawler Battlerite, and has brought some of that style of action to V Rising, making for a rare combination—a survival game with combat that doesn’t suck. You know what does suck? Vampires, with the blood-drinking and that. V Rising is a multiplayer survival game where you’re a wannabe Count Dracula, chopping down trees and building a castle when you’re not dodging daylight and hunting peasants.

V Rising had its Early Access launch today and took off like a frog in a sock. It peaked at 46,593 concurrent players and right now is the number 12 game on Steam. User reviews are sitting at Very Positive, with praise for the technical combat, PvP, difficult boss fights, and dynamic enemies who sometimes turn on each other. My favorite user review simply sums it up as: “Valheim if Valheim was a Goth Girl”.

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