PS5 and PS4 System Firmware Update April 13 2022 Patch Notes

When you read about today’s PS5 and PS4 system software update for April 13, you may be forgiven for getting a sense of déjà vu. This is perfectly understandable bearing in mind both Playstation 5 firmware version 22.01-05.02.00 and Playstation 4 firmware version 9.51 have an incredibly familiar set of patch notes following their release today.

PS5 Version 22.01-05.02.00 and PS4 Version 9.51 Patch Notes

PS5 System Software Update

PS5 system software version 22.01-05.02.00 and PS4 system software version 9.51 update were both released today, April 13. The PS5 update is just over 1 GB in size while the PS4 update is significantly smaller at 491.8 MB. The patch notes are the usual “this system software update improves system performance” on both platforms. I was going to title the article “You’ll never guess what the latest PS5 and PS4 updates do!” but then figured out that if I don’t like clickbait, you probably don’t either.

No notable changes to the way the console operates have been noticed by ourselves or the player community so far, but if anything comes to light we’ll be sure to let you know. With any hope, the PS5 update will have sorted out the issue with some players finding settings on their televisions locked out because of Instant Game Response. Perhaps soon some enterprising console owner will be able to work out exactly what behind-the-scenes security fixes and software upgrades have been added by this patch seeing as Sony is as forthcoming as usual.

In other news, the next Mass Effect game has moved out of pre-production and into the early stages of development at BioWare. Unfortunately, it will be “a while” before we hear anything more about it, although Dragon Age 4 seems to be moving along quite nicely. Elsewhere, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of The Witcher 3 have been delayed beyond Q2 2022 after CD Projekt Red chose to remove the project from Russian developer Saber Interactive.

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