No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Brings Another Huge Content Drop to the Game

The No Man’s Sky Outlaw update adds another massive swath of content to the game, and, surprise, it’s out right now. Hello Games has changed and tweaked almost every aspect of the game since its 2016 launch, and this time around, we’re seeing a new faction, new a new type of flyable ship, a new kind of space station, and more. It’s hard to believe No Man’s Sky has received so much post-launch support, especially given the state it launched in, and this patch has us pumped to jump into the universe yet again.

What’s new in the No Man’s Sky Outlaw update?

As the name suggests, the No Man’s Sky Outlaw patch expands the random pirates that showed up to attack you and others in past versions of the game into a faction. This update is supposed to show the expansion of pirate operations across the universe. Now, they have their own bases, have become more organized, and can even control star systems. Pirates also get a signature ship with their expanded role as well. The Solar Ship is a high-tech starship that can be obtained that comes with a new set of unique technologies.

You can now join forces by recruiting roaming AI pilots to form a squadron to either defend against or commit piracy. These wingmen can be summoned just like a freighter and will warp in and fight by your side. They can also be trained to upgrade their efficiency. Space combat has been rebalanced to be faster and potentially more rewarding, and destruction effects for ships, asteroids, freighters, and space cargo have been overhauled to be more dramatic and satisfying.

Cloth simulation has also made it into the game, and hoods and capes have been added to showcase the new feature. One of them, the Outlaw Cape, can be obtained as part of Expedition Six: Blighted, which launched alongside the update.

Check out the rest of the additions in the full patch notes.

In other news, new PS4 and PS5 system software updates released, and the next Mass Effect game has finally entered the early stages of development.

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