Elden Ring map fragment locations

Finding the Elden Ring map fragments makes exploring the Lands Between far less daunting. They’re initially discovered in easily accessible areas in the first few locations, but as you venture deeper into the world, they become far more difficult to find. It’s worth the effort, because picking them up reveals your surroundings which can help you decide where to go next.

The map fragments in the early areas are found beside pillars. These are marked on the map if you’ve cleared enough of the fog by venturing into a new region—they appear as a tiny icon on an otherwise featureless background, usually next to a roadside. As you progress further, you won’t get any help finding them, and they’ll be found on corpses instead. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, here are the Elden Ring map fragment locations for each of the game’s regions.

All Elden Ring map fragments

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